While this particular website may not be appropriate for every job seeker, a surprising amount of professionals will find themselves in a position to benefit in some fashion or another from the site’s extensive resources on marketing, project management, and product management issues within the local high-tech and life science sectors.

Founded in 2000, the PMC is perhaps the single greatest local hub of professional development and networking opportunities in the above listed career areas, hosting events suitable both for industry veterans as well as candidates seeking to break into these growing fields.  Best of all, the organization hosts a fairly robust job bank containing dozens of quality employment leads with the area’s top tech organizations including Microsoft, Getty Images, AttachmateWRQ, and a few traditionally “low-tech” companies such as Eddie Bauer.  The opportunities listed range from (you guessed it!) pure Product Management roles down to other specialized positions in Marketing, Program Management, Advertising Sales, E-Commerce, Customer Service, and Business Development.  What’s more, based on our initial scan, many of these listings aren’t ones we’ve seen posted anywhere else.

So while the Product Management Consortium website isn’t likely to displace Monster.com as your ultimate source of published job opportunities, it’s certainly one that bears monitoring in the event you’re working in the product/project/program management sector — or have ambitions of breaking into it!