What a book, what a book.  Amongst the sea of titles available today concerning networking and business success, we’re not sure what exactly made this particular publication stand out from the crowd, but it was our favorite read over the holidays and we found the author, Tim Sanders, to be one of the most engaging business writers to emerge on the scene in quite some time.

Simply put, Love Is The Killer App talks about how both companies and career professionals need to embrace three core concepts — Knowledge, Networking, and Compassion — in order to get ahead in the modern workplace.  Rather than belaboring each subject, however, or churning out a series of shopworn platitudes about each of these topics, Mr. Sanders gets right to the point and outlines a concise set of instructions people can use, backed up with extremely relevant examples of how he’s put these principles successfully into play throughout his own career at Broadcast.com and Yahoo! Corporation.

In terms of the third subject he tackles, the role of compassion and emotional attachment in the workplace, Mr. Sanders provides us with rich passages such as the following:

“We are squeezing out of business that inefficient, no-ROI thing called humanity.  We no longer stop to ask people how they are, we seldom celebrate personal success, we fear touching people in a world of sexual-harassment litigation.  We are wringing all that is human out of the workplace like we squeeze water from a sponge, and we do it in the name of business.  Then it seems that bosses and consultants go out and read more books on how to depersonalize the workplace even further.”

The author doesn’t just dump this depressing insight on us and then walk away, of course.  He goes on to discuss how each one of us, individually, can start to change our perspective and help turn this tide, both to improve our own career prospects as well as make a dent in the increasingly dehumanizing conditions of the business world at large.  Without question, Love is the Killer App is a great kick-start for 2006 and a terrific read for both job hunters and employed professionals alike!