Remember yesterday’s post, when I discussed how the vast majority of “new” employment sites that are sprouting up out there aren’t all that valuable to the average job seeker?  And how most of them simply recycle the same old tired job leads you’ve already seen, trying to attract a new audience for advertising purposes?

Well, every now and then, an effective new job website truly does materialize — or at least I finally discover it, if it’s been around for a while.  I’m not sure which of these scenarios is the case with JobNob, but after some initial testing and evaluation, it looks to be a very legitimate resource.  As you’ll learn, if you click on it, the site is focused exclusively on listing opportunities within the start-up world.  We’re talking really early-stage stuff here, including opportunities for jobs that don’t pay a salary, but instead offer “alternative” compensation in the form of (I’m assuming) stock options, equity, and such things.

After running some searches for the Seattle area, proper, I’ll admit I was a little annoyed that the site would also bring up a ton of jobs categorized as being available in “any location” by default.  Making matters worse, you can’t even click on the “Location” column to get all of the Seattle ones lined up in a row.  This is a pretty elementary programming feature, so I have a hunch this decision was an intentional one on JobNob’s part to make it appear “larger” than it actually is in terms of the number of leads available in a given geography.  Oh well.  It’s bothersome, but we won’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  If you take the time to scroll down manually, and review those assignments listed as being strictly in Seattle (or whatever city you might be targeting) you’ll find some pretty interesting opportunities — and when I cross-referenced these leads against the big daddy sites like and, I was pleased to find almost zero duplication.  Again, as stated yesterday, this is the sign of a “winning” and worthwhile employment site.  It offers original content you can’t find elsewhere.

So for those of you interested in getting in on the ground floor with a potential organization, and who might have the “reserves” in place to work for options, instead of cold hard cash, JobNob is a site you definitely should add to your arsenal.   Lest there be any confusion, too, the leads on this site AREN’T strictly limited to high-tech and programming jobs.  In scanning through the Seattle-area listings, I saw opportunities for marketing folks, business planners, consumer product experts, and other occupational niches.  Granted, there are a few “false positives” you’ll come across (ads for State Farm Insurance agents, that sort of thing) that suggest this site is using artificial intelligence of some kind to “find” potential openings out there on the web at large, but at the end of the day, the ratio of appropriate content to junk is still pretty good.  Enjoy!