For those who have never quite noticed, there are a surprising number of similarities between the modern job hunting process and the modern dating scene.  For example, off the top of my head, I’d observe that in both situations:

•  First impressions, attitude, and confidence count for a lot
•  Most people experience significant ups, downs, and emotional swings along the way
•  It’s a numbers game and can take multiple dates to find the right partner/employer

Aside from these and other factors, however, there’s yet another similarity between finding a job and finding a romantic partner — which is the increasing use of technology to facilitate the process.  On that note, a client just introduced me to a relatively new social media tool called Weave that seems to borrow heavily from the success of dating sites like, eHarmony, and Tinder.  Have you discovered this app yourself quite yet?  If not, and you’re interested in broadening your circle of professional contacts, you might find it useful given the unique approach it takes to matching up willing business networkers with one another.

The concept is pretty simple.  You download the application on your mobile phone (both Apple and Android versions are available), you allow it to connect with your LinkedIn account, and then it presents you with a steady stream of professionals in your local area who have indicated they might be willing to meet up for a networking chat.  You’ll then read each person’s brief profile, decide if their background resonates in any way with your needs, and then choose either the “meet” or “later” option.  If both you and the person in question choose the “meet” option, you’ll both be notified of this, and can then coordinate a coffee outing or appropriate rendezvous.  And if either you or the other person mark the “later” option when viewing each other’s profile, nothing happens.  Both parties move on and no communication takes place.

In fairness, I haven’t actually set up any meetings myself using the system, but I have spent some time perusing it and can definitely see where it could play an interesting role in the networking efforts of an active job hunter.  You never know, after all, when a seemingly “random” person you bump into just happens to have the perfect lead or referral in hand to share with you.  And while the preponderance of people on the system currently seem to be early-adopters — namely technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and mobile technology enthusiasts — I’d be surprised if the population of members doesn’t grow and diversify quite a bit in the months to come.

If you’re interested, I’ve provided a few links below to articles that discuss the Weave application in more detail — and if any of you actually decide to try meeting up with some people you connect with via the system, please feel free to submit a comment below, sharing some thoughts on how things go!

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