As many of my regular readers know, I tend to set the bar really high when it comes to recommending new job websites — since so many of them never gain any real traction, end up flaming out quickly, and/or don’t offer any new functionality (despite boatloads of hype) that would be of any real value to the average professional in transition.

This caveat notwithstanding, however, I think we’ve got a new contender, folks! After monitoring the emerging JobFox employment site for a number of months now, it’s clear that this new resource is going to a major force to be reckoned with in the world of career-related technology.  Founded by one of the original pioneers behind CareerBuilder, JobFox is striving to carve out a dominant leadership position among the next generation of job matching sites — and by all accounts seems to be winning the fight.  Not only are thousands of employers and candidates already flocking to the site, but the company has raised millions of dollars for ongoing promotional purposes — which immediately sets it apart from its competition, since no matter how good an employment website might be, functionality means nothing if a given site isn’t able to attract a large enough pool of quality job listings from employers.

What’s more, JobFox has added some incredible new features that you won’t find on more familiar tools like Monster and Hotjobs.  We’re talking about some really next generation stuff here!  For example, Jobfox can be set to instantly notify you via a text message on your mobile phone if somebody glances at your on-line profile.  Additionally, it creates a visual “map” of your key skills and qualifications, assigns you your own unique web page that gets picked up and indexed by Google, and even lets you upload work samples, YouTube videos, and other dynamic content that might showcase your skills and enhance your candidacy.  Amazingly, however, it manages to pack all of this functionality into the site without things getting overly confusing or cluttered — which is much appreciated!

So whether you’re actively seeking a new assignment or are instead a “passive” candidate who simply wants to hear about appropriate career advancement opportunities, from time to time, we’d recommend you pay a visit to JobFox and set up your own free profile.  Even if you don’t end up getting any perfect hits immediately, you’ll be positioning yourself for good things to happen in the months to come if the site continues to grow at its current torrid pace…