Looking to create some snazzy business cards for your job search?  Interested in getting help with a logo design, letterhead, or website layout concept for your small business or consulting practice?  If so, we’d strongly encourage you to check out an extremely bold — and possibly revolutionary — concept for obtaining quality professional design services on a budget.

Upon visiting the Design Outpost website, you can register and submit a project request that describes the types of materials you’re looking to have created and the investment you’re willing to make to get some creative assistance.  Shortly thereafter, and following a quick PayPal deposit of funds to ensure the seriousness of your request, hundreds of graphic designers from all over the globe will review your specifications and start to submit various rough designs and concepts for your viewing pleasure.

Once you’ve had the chance to review the initial design concepts submitted, you can then specify the specific designer (and design idea) you want to move forward with and shift into a “revision” phase where you work with the vendor directly to fine-tune the concept until the desired final product is achieved.  At that point, the artist will collect the funds and forward you the appropriate electronic files so that you can have your materials produced at a local service bureau or professional print shop.

Sound complicated?  In actuality, the system is extremely elegant and easy to use, and we’ve been blown away by some of the professional work we’ve seen produced through the Design Outpost service.  So if you’re like me, and can’t design your way out of a paper bag, keep this site in mind for times when you need to add some “visual flair” to your job search documents or small business marketing materials!