Get ready!  It appears that a whole slew of companies are working on “next generation” ways to connect employees to employers using the Internet — and just happens to be one of the first of these new sites out of the gate.  So while we suspect the site is still too new to have much traction, and we can’t vouch for the ultimate effectiveness it will have in generating quality opportunities, we decided to feature it this month simply to give people a taste of what’s to come in the on-line employment world.

In a nutshell, the premise behind Climber is that you first create your own unique “career fingerprint” by filling out an on-line survey about your work/company preferences, in addition to the basic details of your career history and education.  At that point, the site will provide you with some key insights about your ideal work environment and try to match you up with employers who appear to be a close match with your preferences.  In this sense, it feels an awful lot like a dating service, and you almost expect Dr. Neil Clark Warren to break in with a voice-over discussing the “29 dimensions of compatibility” or some such nonsense.  At any rate, while the technology behind the site is pretty darn impressive, we’ll warn you that the sign-up process itself is fairly cumbersome — and might take you 15-20 minutes or so to complete.  Then again, perhaps we’re just burnt out from having to enter this exact same information on the dozens of different career sites we investigate on a regular basis… :)

As for the results of all this effort?  Again, in our particular case, we can’t claim to have experienced any tremendous breakthroughs — but this was largely (we suspect) due to the site’s infancy and the fact that we didn’t provide the site with the “traditional” career profile it required.  The technology on display, however, was quite captivating.  So if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, give the site a try and set up your own free profile.  It might not amount to anything, but if the site does end up taking off you might end up getting a great job — or can at least claim to have been an early adopter!