While I’m assuming most of my readers are already well-acquainted with Tom Peters, for those who haven’t come across him, he’s one the country’s top management consultants and also the best-selling author of such books as In Search of Excellence, Thriving on Chaos, and The Brand Called You!  Click here if you want to know even more about his background and exploits.  Long story short, however, he’s emerged as one of the world’s leading business futurists, in the sense that he’s been making predictions about the business world for years that have this annoying habit of almost always coming true.

The latest example of his “succinct” wisdom?   Click here to see it.  While I won’t spoil the six-word surprise, I can assure you that the sentiment he expresses is a profound one that sums up pretty much everything a modern-day professional needs to know to succeed in today’s topsy-turvy business world.  The onus has shifted, as Tom predicted almost two decades ago, from a job market where employers (overtly or implicitly) managed and cared for the careers of their employees to a “free agent nation” where every professional is now solely responsible for their own livelihood, marketability, income security, and professional development.

So once you’ve let Tom’s quote sink in, ask yourself: am I following the advice of one of the 21st Century’s wisest career/business thinkers?  If not, there’s no better time than the present to change your ways and start investing in yourself.  The opportunities are everywhere.  You can get smart on almost anything in a hurry.  And if all that’s holding you back is a sentimental longing for the “old days” where companies took more responsibility for such things, it’s time to close that chapter and get up to speed with the new rules of the game!