No site on the planet (okay, I haven’t visited them ALL…) does a better job of sneaking in cool new features under the radar screen than  The moment I’m sure I’ve used all the functionality on the site, I’ll stumble across some great new feature I somehow never noticed before, such as the “job trends” statistical tool buried at the bottom of the main Indeed page.

What I’ve noticed lately, however, are the large sets of “comments” that one can access for certain jobs, containing detailed user opinions about the job and company in question.  This data, however biased it might be, provides a whole new dimension of feedback around various opportunities and the reputation of the various companies and staffing agencies posting leads on the site.  Talk about leveling the playing field!  If you look carefully, you’ll notice a link to these comments posted right after the company name on certain listings, and if you want to run a quick test of this functionality just to see what I’m talking about, simply type “Microsoft” into the main Indeed search box and check out the results that come back.

Provocative stuff, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually some companies complain to the job boards — or threaten to pull their listings — if the sites don’t take certain steps to prevent these kinds of comments from being posted.  For now, however, they offer candidates one more set of useful data points to rely on in evaluating different employers and opportunities, so take advantage of them!