Let’s face it.  The Internet isn’t going away.  And more and more, those individuals who know how to efficiently comb cyberspace to find precisely the information they might be looking for — be it job leads, target company ideas, Icelandic recipes, or the like — are going to have a distinct advantage over their professional peers.

On that note, I just got word that Google is launching a new series of free training courses designed to help individuals sharpen and supercharge their web search capabilities.  So while I’ve written about the topic of “boolean searching” in this blog for many years, and have done my best to teach people the ropes via personal coaching sessions, I’m reasonably certain that Google will do a MUCH better job of it — given their resources and, well, the fact that archiving and locating obscure information on the web is pretty much their stock in trade.

So for those who might have some extra time on their hands and an interest in learning the latest, greatest Internet search techniques, I’d encourage you to click the link below to read about the training course schedule and registration requirements:

Power Searching With Google Seminar

Registration for these classes closes on July 16th — so don’t dawdle, if interested — and you’ll even get a signed “Certificate of Completion” when you finish up with the program!

Again, given the increased importance of being web-savvy in today’s world, I’d recommend this training to virtually any individual who isn’t already a cyber-guru, able to write Boolean search strings in their sleep.  The price is right, the training (I’m guessing) will be extremely user-friendly, and these skills might turn out to be just the ticket to help you uncover that fresh career opportunity or job lead.  What do you have to lose?