Got a quick one for you today, folks.  It was just brought to my attention that EMC, a Fortune 200 company in the technology space, has published a free e-book containing job hunting tips and advice compiled from some of their top recruiters.  You can download this file here and if you do so, I think you’ll find it to be a pretty interesting read.  While some of the advice is likely stuff you’ve heard before, the book can help you “validate” the strategies and approaches you’re following, at the very least, based on the direct feedback of these HR and recruiting professionals who participate in the hiring/interviewing process thousands of times each year.

I’m also intrigued as to the purpose behind EMC’s publication of this handout.  Clearly, the piece took some time and effort to produce, and my sense is that it’s being offered more or less as a public service to the many professionals out there who are currently in transition — which is a pretty neat idea, if that’s the case.  Obviously, too, EMC is figuring that a resource of this kind will help brand them as a compassionate and conscientious employer.  Either way, they’ve got my vote.  I sure haven’t seen many other mainstream organizations offering this kind of support and encouragement to people looking for jobs.  While the majority of them seem to be “keeping their shields up” and seeking out additional ways to distance themselves from potential candidates, I think this publication from EMC represents a brilliant (and compassionate) step in the other direction!