Do you find surfing for information on the Internet about as fun as getting your teeth pulled?  Do you get angry, frustrated, or annoyed by the amount of “junk” that comes up when you search for job leads or target company possibilities?  Do you see people typing things like ((title:sales OR title:”business development”) AND title:VP NOT title:assistant) and have no idea what this means?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we’ve created a brand-new handout that might “ease your pain” and greatly increase your efficiency when hunting for things on the web!  This new two-page resource provides a quick tutorial of the basic “Boolean” web search syntax that drives almost every searchable site on the Internet, ranging from Google to Yahoo! to specific career-related sites such as Indeed,, and LinkedIn.  Following this initial tutorial, we then showcase a number of creative ways that job hunters can apply these syntax rules on-line to generate relevant, useful career leads and opportunities.  This handout is perfect for the many people we’ve come across who’ve never had the chance to learn these basic syntax guidelines — and who have likely wasted an inordinate amount of time hunting for things in cyberspace.  Additionally, even many of our tech-savvy clients may not fully realize the depth of what’s possible using complex keyword searches, so this handout might be a very useful refresher if you’re in this camp, as well.

As just one example of the type of creative search you’ll read about in this handout, we’ve illustrated how to use Google to locate the resumes of a bunch of your competitors, for free!  All you have to do is run the keyword search below through the Google website, substituting the word “keyword” for a word or phrase that relates to your own professional background — such as marketing or accounting or sales management.  If the term you use is more than one word in length, however, you’ll need to enclose it in quotation marks (e.g. “sales management” OR “advertising executive”) for things to work right.

(resume AND keyword) AND (filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:txt)

Typically, we make these kinds of handouts available solely to our client base, as part of their career coaching and outplacement program benefits, but given our passion for helping people improve their overall Internet experience, we’re making this resource available to our entire newsletter audience for a limited time via our website.  To access this file, simply visit the “Client Resources tab” of our site by clicking here, then click on the first link listed under the “Career Handouts & White Papers” section…