Having trouble differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace?  Confused about where you stand out compared to your peers?  Looking for a boost of confidence and the chance to get back in touch with your proven strengths and talents?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might benefit tremendously by checking out the “360 Reach” assessment tool offered by Reach Personal Branding.  Available here, this handy online resource makes it easy for you to reach out to a bunch of your friends, associates, and former colleagues to get their input on your professional strengths and to solicit their candid feedback on your most valuable, successful qualities as an individual.  The tool is offered in both a basic (free) and premium (paid) version, and once you feed it the names and contact information of the people you want to survey, it will send them an automated list of questions related to your strengths, weaknesses, key “brand” attributes, the role they see you playing on teams, etc.  These individuals can then respond anonymously to the questions, if desired, as well as add any additional comments they’d like to pass along about your capabilities.

As you can imagine, this kind of third-party feedback can be extremely useful to professionals going through job transition.  Not only is it critical to know what sets you apart from other competing parties in today’s market, but you also have much to gain by receiving an “objective” view of your strengths given the fact that it’s near-impossible to see yourself the way others (including employers) will see you — and the odds are that you’re underselling yourself or taking some of your best qualifications for granted!  More than likely, too, you’ll be amazed by some of the positive input you receive from your circle of supporters.  One of my clients went through the system recently, in fact, and commented that “the feedback I’ve received so far is blowing me away with information about myself.”

So if you’re courageous enough to give the system a try and ask people for their input, you can sign up for the free version, which will allow you to send out the initial questionnaire and then access the results (as they stream in) for 15 days at no charge.  Beyond that point, you’ll need to pay $15 to view the data for an initial 30 days, or you can step up to the $50 subscription level and receive a full report and some feedback analysis about your results, as well.  So sure, there’s a “catch” involved of sorts, but for a valuable product that promises to give you a “focused portrait of your professional reputation” the investment could definitely turn out to pay dividends in your career, going forward…