Are you signed up to any professional newsgroups or “listserv” e-mail communities?  If not, it might be high time to gave one or two a try!  These on-line forums are essentially free electronic bulletin boards that people can join to discuss and share ideas on all kinds of specific topics, ranging from vegetable gardening to amateur astronomy to — you guessed it! — job hunting and employment issues.

With regard to this latter category, there are actually several newsgroups available which are targeted specifically at career paths and occupational niches within Washington State.  For example, Career Horizons currently subscribes to five Yahoo! newsgroups which regularly post local job leads related to the fields of human resources, finance, technology, biotechnology, and sales.  To locate these groups, simply visit the YahooGroups page and search using the following terms: WARecruit, WASales, WATechJobs, WABiotech, and WAAccountants, as appropriate.

One nice feature of most newsgroups, as well, is that you can specify how frequently you want to receive information from the group.  For example, with the YahooGroups! service, you can decide whether you want to receive each new e-mail posting immediately, have all of the group’s postings summarized in a daily digest, or receive the entire batch of information once a week, in a compiled summary.