Duh.  Sure, who wouldn’t?  I mean, assuming a legitimate job was actually guaranteed as a result of your investment and that there wasn’t a loophole or sleazy catch attached to the deal.

Significant employment opportunities are pretty hard to come by right now, after all, especially at the mid-to-senior management levels.  So you’d be pretty foolish not to fork over $2,500, or $5,000, or even $20,000 for an appropriate new career opportunity — especially if we’re talking about a six-figure position within the management or executive ranks.  That’s like 500% ROI in the first year alone!

Despite the wishful thinking of millions of anxious job hunters, however, it’s not quite this easy.  The “sports agent” or “talent scout” model of job hunting doesn’t exist for all of us mere mortals in 99.99% percent of the professional workforce.  The pay-to-play model only exists in a few tiny niche industries (e.g. sports, entertainment, publishing) that revolve around folks who possess incredibly specialized, one-in-a-million skill sets and talents.  So as tempting as it might sound, don’t ever fool yourself into thinking there’s somebody out there you can pay to find you a job.

Unless you’re Lady Gaga or LeBron James, of course.  But if you are, I doubt you’d be reading my blog.

At any rate, the reason I raise this issue is that I just came across a great article today from Nick Corcodilos (of Ask the Headhunter fame) that explores this issue, in depth, and profiles the latest too-good-to-be-true offer from the most infamous of the fee-based job sites out there, TheLadders.com.  As usual, Nick doesn’t mince words and seems to have a slight personal axe to grind with these folks, but hey, the truth is the truth — and I agree 100% with his analysis of this latest job hunting offer and its viability.  Here’s the link:

The Ladders: A Lipstick’s Pig Death Rattle?

While the article itself is excellent, all by itself, I think some of the comments (and debate) below the article are incredibly illuminating and valuable to review, as well.  Make sure to check them out, if you give the piece a read.  Especially the latest comments near the end, where another veteran headhunter weighs in to corroborate Nick’s view of the world and whether there’s any chance in the world that “guaranteed jobs for cash” is a viable concept.