For starters, I want to remind people about last month’s featured Internet site, Google Alerts, and again recommend that ALL job hunters visit this resource and set up some free alerts pertaining to their top target companies — as well as any organizations with which they are currently interviewing.  The updated “intelligence” this site feeds you can end up giving you a critical competitive edge!

As for this month’s featured site, that’s a pretty easy choice, since I’ve been having a ball indoctrinating myself lately with the wonders of’s new “Answers” section — where LinkedIn members can solicit other members for help, advice, and input on thousands of different topics ranging from business to romance to, you guessed it, careers and job hunting.  Upon visiting the main link posted above, in fact, you’ll notice that you can easily drill down into dozens of different subcategories, including one called “Careers & Education” that then breaks down into specific threads such as Job Searching, Networking, Education & Training, Career Development, and the like.  Within these categories, you’ll have the ability to either ask a question yourself or browse through thousands of different questions that other folks have asked — and that might be highly relevant to your own situation.  Questions such as:

— How do you get off to the best start in a real estate career?
— What is the best career path to become a CIO/CTO?
— What is the value of a CMA certification?
— What makes you unique?
— How do we track the impact of technology trends on the salaries of computer programmers?
— Where do I look for a corporate training position?
— Besides compensation, what are the other things you look for in a quality job offer?

This type of web-enabled question/answer capability isn’t a passing fad, folks.  As you’ll note when you flip through some of the above examples, the conversations being generated on this site are incredibly robust, dynamic, and professionally useful — and it’s clear that some people are getting thousands of dollars of expert advice, free of charge, simply by typing in a pertinent query.  As for why so many brilliant people are willing to troll this part of the website, and spend hours sharing their thoughts and ideas with other people, versus attending to other priorities, that does remain something of a mystery — but it appears to just be a fact of life in the new wired world, so take advantage of it!