While our corner of the country has an awful lot going for it, including being the home base for a number of “superstar” consumer products companies like Starbucks, Amazon.com, and Costco, we’re still far from a mecca of consumerism in the big scheme of things — and technology companies still tend to dominate the local economic landscape.

This being said, however, the B2C sector continues to account for a sizable number of jobs here in the region and I continue to run across plenty of job seekers seeking to work for firms engaged in making, selling, or distributing a tangible product or service directly to consumers.  As a result, I’ve recently taken some time to freshen up the list of “Washington Consumer Products Companies” I maintain and have now grown the list to a total of 219 organizations in the area who fit this characterization.  This directory ranges from large household-name consumer organizations and retailers, such as the ones listed above, to smaller, more specialized players who work within the retail, wholesale, or product distribution channel.  It also includes a number of online retail stores that are based here and that have appeared to carve out a successful niche for themselves on a national or international level, such as www.kingofcaffeine.com, www.sodaking.com, and www.thespanishtable.com.

Clients of Career Horizons are welcome to access this list directly via the “Client Resources” page of my website here — using the standard password you’ve been given for this section of the site — and for a limited time, I’m also more than happy to share this list with any non-client readers of my blog who are interested in it, as well, if you just drop me an e-mail here to request a copy!