If there’s anything I love in this life, it’s a good, spirited debate where many smart people weigh in to discuss a complex issue.  One such issue relates to the role that the Human Resource profession plays in the hiring process of most modern organizations.  Some people blame HR for almost every frustrating aspect of the job market today, ranging from the inability to hire the right people, for the right jobs, to the disrespectful treatment many companies today seem to display to potential applicants.  On the flip side, others argue that a company’s HR stance is influenced primarily by the values, attitudes, and mandates of a company’s executive team — and that it’s therefore the folks higher up, not the HR practitioners themselves, who are to blame for shoddy hiring practices.

At any rate, it’s an interesting topic to kick around, and one that obviously is of great interest to many folks today who are currently going through career transition.  As for prominent career author Nick Corcodilos, of Ask the Headhunter fame, he’s of the belief that HR should have ZERO role in hiring and that organizations should return this function entirely to the business unit managers, themselves, given their greater knowledge of the needed skills and competencies for various roles.  Others disagree.  But if you’d like to hear the various arguments presented, click the link below and scroll down to read the 40+ comments on this interesting topic!


I particularly enjoyed the several comments contributed by Bob Lewis in the comment thread.  He was the first of several readers to push back on the “demonization” of HR and point out some compelling reasons why corporate executives (and/or some other factors) might be more to blame for many of today’s problematic hiring issues.

Just an intelligent, thought-provoking post all around — and well worth a few minutes of reading!