Are you looking for an exciting, stable, fast-growth organization in Puget Sound that operates ethically and takes great care of its employees? If so, you’re not alone, since virtually every job seeker who has gone through a layoff or rough patch in their career longs to find just such an employer!

The question, of course, is whether such organizations are simply the stuff of legend or whether one can actually track them down via careful sleuthing. Thankfully, the folks over at NWJobs (the career-focused offshoot of the Seattle Times/PI newspapers) have made things much easier by conducting an extensive survey that ranks Seattle organizations as the “best” in over 30 distinct categories ranging from “Most eco-friendly company in Seattle” to the company with the “coolest office space.”

The results of this survey can be found here and we were not only impressed by how NWjobs has presented all of this data, but also by the diverse range of smaller companies that were featured in the report, as well, since this opens up all kinds of possibilities besides the “usual culprits” that always seem to show up in these kinds of surveys. With the recent demise of Washington CEO Magazine, as well, a magazine that has historically led the “best companies” charge with its annual “Best Companies in Washington” report, we’re glad to see that NWJobs is stepping up and filling the gap!