Item #3: Glassdoor Job Explorer (

Of all the career websites that have gained prominence over the last five years or so, I’d rank as one of the most significant given some of the unique content the site offers in terms of organizational culture reviews, interview tips, and company-specific salary ranges.

Earlier this year, however, Glassdoor added one other feature that’s easy to miss — but might be pretty useful for some individuals, especially those who are willing to relocate for the right opportunity.  If you scroll down on the main page of the site (or click the link provided at the start of this post) you’ll stumble across a link to their new “Job Explorer” tool that allows you, at a glance, to analyze the demand for various types of jobs in each state around the country.

Let’s say you’re an economist, for example, who is tired of getting rained on in Seattle and wants to pack up and move elsewhere.  Simply run your job title through the Job Explorer tool and you’ll instantly note that there are certain states offering high numbers of economist jobs — such as California, Virginia, and New York — as well as states like Wyoming, Mississippi, and North Dakota where there isn’t a single opening in that field at present.  What’s more, if you click on any individual state, it will show you exactly which cities in the state have the highest concentration of listings, and you can then click on these opportunities to review the pertinent details.

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this new feature revolutionary, it does provide a refreshingly simple and visual way for people to explore the supply/demand of jobs in various occupations and industries throughout the country.  So if you’re up for a change of scenery, and perhaps willing to pursue your fortunes in a new geographical area, give this tool a quick look and see if it might be useful!