Greetings, all!  While I’m technically out of the office this week, through the end of the year, I wanted to wish you all a final “happy holidays” and wrap up a year’s worth of blogging efforts with a post-dated entry summing up what I feel are some of the most important career-related pointers I’ve shared in 2010.  Who knows?  Perhaps some of you have some extra down time coming up this week and are getting geared up to make some major career improvements in 2011…

So for starters, while I rarely pay attention to the “traffic & analytics” aspect of my blog, I did spend a few minutes looking over these tools in WordPress, just to see which of my articles throughout this year ended up attracting the most eyeballs.  According to the statistics, here are the ten postings that garnered the most views:

Matt’s Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2010

#1  StrengthsFinder: Practical Applications
#2  Five Tips for Dealing With Flaky People
#3  P.T. Barnum &
#4  LinkedIn Tip: Nailing “Get Introduced” Requests!
#5  Interview “Stumper” Question: Part 1
#6  The Beauty of LinkedIn Introductions
#7  Indeed vs. SimplyHired: Clash of the Job Board Titans
#8  Memo to Job Seekers from HR: Help Us!
#9  Website Review: Hourly Rate Calculator
#10  Book Review: How to Work With Headhunters

The interesting thing, though, is that this “top 10” list turned out to be a pretty random collection of articles — and the high rankings seemed to be based entirely on whether a given blog headline happened to have a popular/recognizable word in it.  For example, those posts with words like “LinkedIn” or “” in the title seemed to bait the hook far more on Google and the other search engines than my posts with more obscure or creative headlines.  Additionally, there must be lots of frustrated folks out there dealing with flaky people, as well, since the #2 article that came up was the one dealing with that particular niche subject.  And finally, while the WordPress ranking tool was able to calculate the most viewed articles over the past year, it couldn’t limit the results only to those actual articles I wrote in 2010.  It included postings from previous years, as well.

So given the above parameters, and my sense that the most useful postings I wrote up in 2010 were quite different from the ones listed above, I thought I’d throw out my own list of favorite pieces for consideration.  So for those fairly new to my blog, or who might want to re-read some of these significant posts from months past, here’s the “top 10” list of articles I felt most passionate about writing — or that I received a ton of feedback around from my client base.

Matt’s Favorite Posts of 2010

#1  Job Hunting: The Screenplay
Discusses the critical difference between those successful job hunters who “create opportunities” versus those struggling job hunters who merely “chase leads” off the Internet

#2  15 Gifts You Can Give Your Network
While I technically published this in late December, 2009, I’m going to include it since I think it contains some great insights about how people can “give back” in their networking efforts…

#3  Positive Vs. Negative Framing
This is going to be a big theme for 2011, as well; many job hunters need to concentrate on focusing on the positive elements of their life/career, versus allowing the negative aspects to dominate their thinking…

#4  Interviewing: It’s All About Them
One of my more recent posts in which I remind people that most hiring managers have almost zero interest in you as a person and your qualifications; they instead want to know how you can meet their needs…

#5  Age Discrimination or Experience Discrimination?
Here, I share my belief that most employers aren’t too hung up on age issues in their own right, but are concerned with the potential drawbacks of hiring somebody with more experience than the job requires…

#6  What Motivates You More, Fear or Hope?
In this “burning question” I ask people to look within themselves and discover whether they’re more motivated to move toward something positive or move away from something negative…

#7  Stories Sell: What’s Yours?
Everybody loves a good story — and there will be numerous opportunities throughout your job search where you’ll be judged by the “story” you tell about yourself as a professional, so make sure to work on this…

#8  Follow-Up Faux Paus: Avoid Them!
I probably receive as many questions about “appropriate follow-up” these days as almost any other career-related subject, so I thought I’d highlight this series of tips I wrote up for these situations…

#9  Recruiters: Why Aren’t They More Into Me?
Many folks are still a bit unclear about the role headhunters play in the job search process and why, in some cases, some candidates have great success via this channel and others don’t.  Here I try to clear things up…

#10  Alumni Success Stories Such as the Ones Here, Here & Here
Sure, this may be a bit of a politically-correct selection, but honestly, it always makes my day when successful alumni of my firm send in some valuable tips and “lessons learned” to share with the rest of the Career Horizons network.  Let’s keep these submissions coming in 2011!

So there you have it.  Looking back on a year’s worth of writing about the job market, and some of the innovative ways that professionals can tackle some of the tough career challenges out there, here are the blog articles I wrote that I felt had the greatest impact and raised some of the most relevant angles of discussion.  Hope that some of these postings were able to be of some small help to you, in your own journey, and if any of you “regular readers” have any other nominations of articles that really struck a chord or proved useful to you, from this past year, I’ve love to hear your thoughts!

Happy new year, everybody, and here’s to some exciting and positive career developments for everybody as 2011 rolls around…