As discussed in newsletters past, one of the most common mistakes that job hunters today tend to make is to focus on finding leads versus creating opportunities — leading them to spend hours surfing the Internet, looking for posted advertisements, instead of targeting and engaging in direct dialogue with dozens of specific companies and contacts relevant to their goals.

When you think about it, in fact, the ONLY thing any job seeker needs to find in order to land employment is a company in need of the solutions that he or she offers.  The company is therefore the indispensable missing link, not the job lead itself, since tons of jobs are created without an actual “lead” existing, at least in any kind of published form.   So the savviest job hunters invest only a minimal amount of time each week chasing leads on Internet websites and such, while devoting the rest of their time to identifying and reaching out to any companies they can find whose products or business model might relate to their skills, interests, and expertise.

For this reason, we’re extremely excited that LinkedIn has enhanced their new “Companies” page in a great new way, allowing users to now build targeted lists of companies based on a wide range of Industry, Size, and Locational criteria.  Doing so is a piece of cake, even for novice users.  If you simply visit the “Companies” page on the site, you’ll see the various search options available (make sure to open the “Browse All Industries” link) and can then experiment with different searches to see which organizations turn up relative to YOUR particular career goals.  All in all, you won’t find the volume of companies listed to be as high as that of some of the other tools we regularly recommend, but given the extreme accuracy of the system, you’ll definitely turn up a few organizations you haven’t heard about anywhere else!