Each year, when this time of year rolls around, we get asked by many of our clients whether it makes sense to continue hunting for work actively in December — or whether it would be smarter, instead, to suspend one’s job search campaign until January, given the conventional wisdom that nobody hires for full-time positions during the holiday season. Well, once again, conventional wisdom turns out to leave a little bit to be desired! So in the spirit of “going green” we’re going to recycle part of our response from this question from LAST December’s newsletter, which we felt addressed this issue fairly effectively:

“Unless you are the spitting image of Santa Claus, or have phenomenal gift-wrapping or bell-ringing skills, you don’t have a chance of getting hired during the holiday season, right? WRONG! While this is certainly a common perception, this assumption just doesn’t ring true in our experience, since December is actually one of the months during which we’ve witnessed the most hiring and interviewing activity over the years, at least based on our client statistics. Whether this is due to people being in a good mood, trying to fill end-of-year hiring quotas, or simply thinking ahead to the challenges of 2008, we’re not sure. All we know is that each year, we expect things to get awfully quiet as Christmas approaches and this prediction never seems to come true. So if you’re planning to slow down or suspend your job search until January rolls around, this is an absolutely brilliant decision, just as long as you do it because you choose to do so — not out of any misplaced notion that employers aren’t adding any staff during this time frame!”

Now granted, this sage advice is a year old and things may not play out in precisely the same way as they have in previous years, due to some of the economic issues the country is facing — but at the same time, we don’t know that they won’t, either. Retail sales were up much higher than anticipated last Friday, after all! So we’ll stick to our guns and encourage everyone, again, to take as much time as they need to during the next 30 days to celebrate what really matters to them and spend time with their loved ones. But if continuing to look for a job is another top priority you’re addressing at the moment, don’t be afraid to sneak some of this activity onto your calendar, as well!

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