Do you have a reputation for always one-upping your organizational peers?  Do you tend to offer people qualified “I’m sorry, but…” apologies that actually offend people more than they assuage them?  Do you feel the need to “add value” at all costs to every meeting and conversation you participate in?

If any of these tendencies sound even remotely like you, guess what?  You might learn a lot by picking a copy of this book, since it outlines the 20 most common bad habits that leaders (and aspiring leaders) engage in and that significantly limit their effectiveness.   Drawn from the real-world experiences of two veteran executive coaches, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There outlines an array of common management misbehaviors — some surprising, some not so surprising — that you are guaranteed to resent in others, but possibly excuse a little too easily when it comes to yourself.  The authors, however, will do their best to gently correct you of these bad habits, offering many great suggestions for how you can break the cycle that leads many managers to “plateau” in their careers and prevents them from reaching their full potential within an organization.

From my standpoint, the suggestions offered in this book are right on the money and fresh enough, at least most of them, to easily be worth the price of admission.  So if you’re a leader struggling to become more effective, a mid-level manager seeking to take the next step up on the organizational chart, or simply a person like I am who is fascinated by the subject of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, this publication is probably picking up and stacking on your nightstand, along with the rest!