Worn down?  Frustrated?  In need of a pep talk and a pick-me up? Well, short of hiring a cheerleader to follow you around at all times, singing your praises, this book is the next best thing — since Jack Canfield is one of the pioneers of the personal motivation field and has a wealth of upbeat, inspirational advice to share about how to achieve personal and professional success.

Having recently been turned on to this book by a client, I think it might be the right resource, at the right time, for many of you out there who are currently a bit daunted by the economic news circulating around.  Canfield (author of the famous “Chicken Soup” series) offers extensive advice on how to think and act like a winner, even when the chips are down, and he explains, in detail, the power that attitude has in our lives — and how we all have far more control than we think we do over our environments and the things that happen to us.  I know, I know.  Isn’t this the same old stuff every self-help book tends to peddle?  Perhaps.  I’ll confess I don’t read these kinds of books regularly.  But with regard to this one particular work, the advice seems deeper, more genuine, and more grounded than some of the other material I’ve seen out there — and also rings absolutely true to me in terms of the success/failure dynamics I’ve witnessed among people in career transition over the years.

So all things considered, from the concept of taking 100% responsibility for your own life to the benefits of cultivating an attitude of “inverse paranoia” (i.e. the sneaking suspicion that everybody is out plotting to help you and do you good), The Success Principles really was an inspirational and enjoyable read!

Going forward, I’ll tend to think of it as “Chicken Soup for Job Seekers” in many regards… :)