While there are hundreds of books on the subject of business negotiating, in general, and most career advice publications devote a casual chapter or two to the subject, this compelling book focuses like a laser beam on the key question many job seekers wrestle with: “What is the proper way to negotiate salary with employers these days and how do I avoid selling myself short?”

Packed with tips and techniques on everything from how to research the current fair market value for your skills to how to handle those annoying, awkward “what is your salary history?” requests, we’ve never come across a more complete resource for addressing the unique complexities of the job search negotiating and counteroffer process.  We therefore recommend this book highly to any of our clients who are currently in career transition, especially in combination with the personalized coaching, objective feedback, and role-playing practice that Career Horizons can offer to support the book’s key lessons.

Remember, there is no single question that tends to screen more candidates out of the interview process than “how much money are you looking to make?”  Without a proper theoretical understanding of the negotiating process, and hands-on practice articulating your compensation needs, you may be putting yourself at considerable risk of getting screened out from opportunities.