Several weeks ago, while waiting in a Kinko’s store for some binding projects to get completed, I noticed this intriguing little book sitting on the book rack.  After flipping through only a few pages, and perusing perhaps a half-dozen of the author’s “how to motivate yourself” suggestions, I realized it was too late — I was already hooked and now had to purchase the book in order to read the OTHER 95 suggestions!

As the title implies, this book is all about one thing: motivation.  It presents suggestion after creative suggestion for how people can shake up their routine, get inspired, and rise up out of the inevitable ruts in life that weigh us down and limit our potential.  Ranging from running toward your fears (Way #26) to swimming laps underwater (Way #61) to going on a complete “fast” from the daily news (Way #84), the author presents a number of interesting techniques people can use to try and break through the barriers that might be keeping them depressed, fearful, and unmotivated.  And while some of the tips are a bit redundant to one another, or are simply condensed versions of well-known motivational techniques that other authors have pioneered, this doesn’t diminish the book’s impact much — since there are plenty of new and original suggestions to consider, and even if you walk away with one or two new ideas, you’ll easily justify the purchase price!

All in all, we think this book is a perfect read for any of you job hunters out there who might be facing a “plateau” of sorts in your search and needing to get re-energized around your job-finding efforts!