Despite the fact that blogging has emerged as a major form of information exchange in the world over the past few years, I know for a fact that a large percentage of my clients still don’t regularly read blogs — and may not even know how to find useful blog postings and access them, short of sites like my own where there’s a simple “e-mail subscription” form installed.

If you fall into this category, therefore, I’d strongly recommend you engage in a little self-study or get some help in learning how to access the “blogosphere” in all of its glory.  Not only can you find some incredibly interesting content on blogs, but they’ve now become a critical tool in maintaining your career marketability, since they are arguably the single best method out there for staying up-to-date in your industry and occupational field.   They’re free, after all, and you’ll find many top experts sharing their thoughts on the latest, greatest topics in all corners of the business world — unlike books, where the content begins to get stale the moment it hits the presses.

I’m such a believer in the importance of blog reading to the success of the modern professional, in fact, that I plan to host a free webinar next month for anybody who might be a novice in this area — and who would like to learn more about how to take advantage of this vital and vibrant information source.  I’ll be announcing the date of this class in my next newsletter, once I get it scheduled, but if you’re reading this post in the meantime and want to express your advance interest in participating, feel free to drop me a line here and I’ll be sure to send you the details when they come out!

In the meantime, just to prove that not all blogs out there involve the self-centered ramblings of people obsessed with talking about what they eat for breakfast each morning, for example, here are a few recent blog postings I’ve come across that I think add a great deal of value — at least to folks in career transition!

•  Rebecca Warriner, HireWire Blog: Top 5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes
•  Lance Haun, YourHRGuy Blog: Welcome to the Excuse Economy
• Blog: Industry Trends (depressing, but valuable data)

Whether you agree or disagree with what any individual author may have to say, posts like the above really put your brain in gear and expose you to ideas and conversations that can only expand your horizons, at the end of the day, as well as enhance your effectiveness as a professional.

Interested in some other quality blogs about career-related issues?  If so, check out the personal “blogroll” I’ve built on the right side of my own blog page, where you’ll find some of my all-time favorites…

P.S. And for you rookies, a blogroll is simply a list of the other blogs that a particular blogger, like myself, tends to read regularly.  Most blog pages now include such a list somewhere prominently on their main page, so that readers can easily jump to other information sources that might be useful…