Worst Interview Blunder I’ve Ever Heard

//Worst Interview Blunder I’ve Ever Heard

Worst Interview Blunder I’ve Ever Heard

We just couldn’t resist sharing this one! In a recent meeting with one of our clients, who works as an Area Manager for the local chain of Target stores, we got on the subject of interviewing and started talking about the appropriate guidelines that job candidates should follow in the hiring process.  In the middle of this discussion, our client shared a true story from her managerial experience that had us laughing uncontrollably for about five minutes — and don’t worry, we deducted this time from her bill!

She said that a while back, an individual had come to interview for a retail position at Target, and had performed well and stood a good chance of being hired.  Unfortunately, this positive first impression didn’t last very long.  As it turned out, the candidate was escorted out of the building a 1/2 hour later for shoplifting… :)

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