While writing is the most prolific medium I use to express my thoughts on the current job market, by far, it’s always nice to mix things up a bit on occasion—and as a result, I was delighted to be invited as a guest on the “Working on Purpose” radio show several weeks back!

This show, hosted weekly by Alise Cortez, is designed to provoke stimulating insights regarding the topic of employment and to “explore the journey and experiences of how various people navigate their careers toward meaningful work-life integration.”  Along those lines, during the 50 minutes of so that Alise and I spent chatting together, we kicked around questions ranging from “what sets people apart in the marketplace today?”  to “given current trends, what will careers look like in the near future?” to “what are a few suggestions you’d offer for job seekers trying to enter a brand new job field?”

If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on these issues, feel free to click on the link below and listen to (or download) the show’s audio stream — and while you’re there, I’d encourage you to also review the Episode Directory on the right side of the page and explore some of the other topics/speakers Alise has hosted recently.

Searching for a Job: Trends in Today’s Workplace & Why They Matter to You

Again, always a fun experience to share advice via a different medium—and I think Alise did a masterful job of asking questions that many professionals seem to have on their mind these days regarding careers, employability, and the changing world of work!