I’m greatly thankful to one of my former clients for forwarding me the engrossing YouTube video clip you’ll find here from Dan Pink, a leading thinker and author about economics, globalization, and the “new world of work” that is emerging around us.  It’s about 10 minutes long and I’ve watched it three times now without becoming the slightest bit bored by it.  So give it a view, and once you’ve done so, try pondering the following discussion questions:

1)  Do you agree with the conclusions of this video or think they’re silly, off-base, or idealistic?
2)  What exact role does money play in your career decision-making efforts and satisfaction level?  Does this need to change?
3)  What are you so passionate about, personally, that it would lead you to exhibit the “purposeful” behavior described?
4)  Are there any Seattle-area companies that seem to embrace the management principles and approaches described?
5)  If the conclusions of this video are so compelling, why don’t more companies today seem to embrace them?

On this last question, keep in mind that many of you (my clients and readers) are either in positions of leadership authority at present — or will be shortly, as soon as you land your next executive assignment.  And therefore, if you yourself are craving some of the autonomy, freedom, and sense of purpose outlined in this video, will you be willing to depart from traditional management methods and give your employees this same opportunity to shine, as well?  Free from close supervision and the notion that everything they do has to immediately and directly impact the bottom line?

There’s a lot we can learn, I suspect, from studying the disconnect between why so many of us (I’d imagine) would shout “amen!” to the conclusions of this video in terms of our own work roles, while at the same time not setting up the conditions in our own organizations to reflect these apparently “proven” principles…