Given the recent stretch of “success stories” I commented about a few posts ago, I asked some of these clients to document their journey and share some insights and observation about the job search process, now that they’re on the other side of it.  I’ll be keeping these commentaries anonymous, for various reasons, but am confident the experiences of these individuals will be helpful to those of you still in the hunt!

Comments From a Sucessful Career Horizons Client

1)  “The numbers matter – number of emails, new introductions, referrals from referrals, etc.  It was fairly critical to make sure time was spent on at least 5 intros per day.  Even when it was semi-painful because of zero followup on the other end.”

2)  “I found it very effective to hang out with ‘lucky people’ I have known in the past vs. job seekers.  I did not go to many “job seeker” type parties or events because there was generally too many woes.  Rather I focused on other networking events  – or events that were industry-related, but not job specific.”

3)  “I kind-of-sort-of viewed myself as a ‘free agent’ in the past – but I definitely view my career as that right now. This was a lesson that only I am responsible for my career and progress.”

4)  “I made a list of horrible companies I interviewed with and will NEVER do business with them again. Yes, it sounds spiteful, but the experiences were so bad that it felt good to make a decision to simply not do any business with them. Ever.”

There you have it — agree or disagree, you’ve at least now heard the thoughts of one professional who has taken on the job market recently, beaten it, and accumulated a valuable dose of perspective along the way!