To be honest, I wasn’t even planning to write a third installment to the two previous “when normal isn’t working” posts I’ve penned recently, but a contact of mine sent me a link that fits the theme perfectly — so I couldn’t resist!

So if you want to review yet another example of a person who’s gone the extra mile to garner employer attention, look no further than the post you’ll find here.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say this person REALLY thought about their target audience and came up with a novel way for getting their attention.  It reminds me of a similar story from a few years back where a person started an entire blog devoted to the topic of “Why Cisco Should Hire me” (or perhaps it was another company — but you get the idea) and ended up getting hired, simply due to their innovation and tenacity.

Sure, these “one in a million” ideas aren’t going to single-handedly cure the recession, given the fact that once something like this has been done, nobody else can really use the same technique without coming across like a copycat or a sad imitation of the original.  But they certainly illustrate some clever souls who are using outside-the-box thinking to stand out from the crowd and get hired.

Also, when reading through this latest link, make sure to read the comments posted below the article.  While most people weigh in to express their admiration of the job seeker’s ingenious self-marking technique, there are at least three additional people who raise a big stink about the fact that the word “Google” is misspelled in the individual’s ad campaign.  Some of them stoop to comments like “this person is a moron” or “I’d never hire them to be a copy editor” given the apparent typo they identified.  The problem?  There’s a perfectly good reason the job hunter spelled the word “Google” wrong — and these people were just too lazy, ignorant, or arrogant to figure it out.  So there’s an additional lesson to be learned here in terms of not jumping to conclusions.  The folks posting these critical comments look pretty ridiculous, in hindsight.

At any rate, it’s a pretty neat story.  Give it a read and let it fuel your own creative juices in terms of finding a way to do something different from everybody else, in terms of promoting yourself out there!