There’s no question about it: the aerospace, high-tech, and biotech industries are definitely the darlings of the Puget Sound economy.  But there are still plenty of great (and often more stable) jobs in other sectors, as well, including the often-overlooked retail industry.  No matter what the economy seems to do, people still apparently love to engage in “retail therapy”on a frequent basis — and I sure haven’t noticed the lines at Costco, Nordstrom, and other venues getting noticeably shorter in recent months!

On that note, there’s a fairly new employment website that caters exclusively to the retail industry and contains hundreds of Washington State listings pertaining to the management/corporate side of the business, not just hourly positions. currently has 527 jobs listed in the Puget Sound area, in fact, with titles ranging from District Sales Manager to Operations Assistant to Retail Field Marketing Representative.  So if you’ve got a background in retailing or consumer products, or simply want to pick up some temporary work while you look for the right long-term opportunity, this site is definitely worth a quick review.

Based on our initial tests, this newcomer in the field is already running neck-and-neck in terms of lead volume with another longstanding retail employment site, AllRetailJobs, so if you’re going to check out one of these sites, you might as well check out both and see what you can turn up!