Remember that old Monty Python line, “…and now for something completely different”?

When it comes to the world of career-related websites, the new UpMo website fits this description like a glove, as it heads well off the beaten path to chart some dimensions of career management that I personally have never seen a company or on-line service attempt to tackle before.  The underlying concept (UpMo is short for “upward mobility”) is based on the study of hundreds of successful real-life executives and a mapping of the specific habits, steps, and techniques that these individuals have followed over the years to get where they are today.  Aspiring professionals can then visit the UpMo site and study these action plans — as well as set up an account (subscription required) that will help them follow along in these peoples’ footsteps, in the years to come, and have a better chance of making “all the right moves” in their own career progression.

It’s quite an ambitious concept and the site is still in beta form, so not every feature is fully fleshed out yet, but if nothing else, I’d encourage all of my clients and readers to invest 5-10 minutes and go through the “Network Readiness Evaluator” test you’ll find on UpMo’s main page.  This assessment asks a series of questions about your networking habits and interpersonal connection style to find out whether you’re managing your social capital in the most effective, optimized way.  It then provides you with a detailed report that identifies the specific type of networker you are (compared to the profiling research they’ve conducted) out of what appear to be four main possibilities — followed by some excellent suggestions on how you might be able to improve your networking success, going forward.

As for me, personally, my Evaluation indicates that I am a “Plan Strategically” networker (which makes sense) and reveals that I have a 65.1 “Networking Readiness” score out of 100 possible points.  Now as somebody who thinks he does a pretty good job at staying connected with folks, on average, I suppose I could quibble a bit with the methodology they use to compute this score — but honestly, I’m so highly impressed by the depth of what UpMo is attempting to accomplish, and the usefulness and practicality of the information they’ve pulled together, that I’m not about to argue!

So if you’ve got a few moments to spare on your next coffee break, give UpMo a look, and take their networking assessment to see what it reveals about your own relationship management style.  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.  And while there are thousands of career websites out there that flame out or don’t ever amount to anything, I have a hunch that UpMo is going to be around a while, and I look forward to bringing you further updates on them as their site evolves in the months to come.

Last but not least, I salute their management team (are you guys reading this?) for allowing individuals to visit the site and use some of their tools without forcing the visitor to jump through a bunch of hoops, provide their e-mail address, or sign up for some gimmicky free account that is guaranteed to make them a spam magnet for the company’s advertisements down the road.  Too many sites practice this kind of entrapment — and I’m glad that UpMo, unlike other services, chose to take the high road…