If you’re interested in “just holding a job” and don’t have much ambition when it comes to the employment world, you can probably skate through your daily responsibilities without paying much attention to ongoing developments in the business marketplace.  If you’re a career-minded professional, however, with clear aspirations and a desire to excel in your field, developing a regular reading regimen — that includes trade publications — will be a critical building-block of your success.

On that note, we’re pleased to draw your attention to the TradePub.com site, which offers one of the best collections of specialized publications and trade-related magazines available on the Internet.  Organized conveniently by industry and job category, you can quickly browse around to see if there are some particular information sources that are an ideal fit with your occupational interests.  Additionally, the site offers free subscriptions to many magazine titles.  While we haven’t tested these giveaway deals, per se, they apparently come with few strings attached, since the primary goal seems to be to help these publications build up their circulation volume and attract greater advertising dollars.

In addition to this particular site, we’d also recommend the Magazine section of Amazon.com as a rich source of inspiration and a place where you can browse through thousands of eclectic periodicals in search of just the right resource.  Happy hunting!