You know how great it feels when you find a single web resource that does one job, one job alone, and does it extremely well?  That’s exactly how you’ll feel when visiting the SeattleSchools website.  Designed to be a single unified portal to ALL of the colleges, universities, and training providers in the Greater Seattle area, this site is fantastic both for candidates seeking work in the educational sector — as well as people looking to boost their marketability through ongoing training and professional development.

Upon visiting the site, you can browse educational institutions in the area using a variety of category options, and when you review a certain category the site will also list several Seattle employers who hire people in that particular job category.  Nice touch!  Additionally, the site even lists certain organizations that have historically hired interns from each of the various training providers.

The only obvious thing that’s missing is a unified database of job leads from the various schools, but then again, no site is perfect.   If you’re targeting careers in education, however, make sure you don’t miss two other resources that are top-notch in this capacity: The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Pacific NW Alliance of Independent Schools.