While it’s hard to imagine that most hardcore technologists haven’t already discovered the Seattle 2.0 website, it’s HIGHLY likely that those people only “loosely associated” with the tech industry might still be unfamiliar with this great resource.

Simply put, Seattle 2.0 is all about the world of high-tech startup ventures in and around the Greater Puget Sound area.  It’s got blog articles.  Event announcements.  Service provider lists.  And perhaps most useful of all, a monthly index (the November edition can be found here) that lists no fewer than 379 distinct startup companies in the region.  Wondering where the next Microsoft is going to come from?  Or perhaps more modestly, the next F5 Networks?  Or Blue Nile?  Or Cobalt Group?  It’s likely going to be one of the companies you’ve never even heard of, chronicled on this list.

In terms of how the list itself is actually compiled, you’ll have to read the fine print on the site for full details, but it appears that the organizations are ranked by the popularity of each company’s website — ranked by the two leading web traffic analysis sites, Alexa and Compete.  The list also tells you how much each company has climbed or dropped on the list, on a month to month basis, which can be helpful in getting a sense of which companies might in the process of gaining steam and potentially adding jobs.  For example, when we clicked on company #17, Jamboo, which has climbed 19 spots over the last month, we were pleasantly surprised to find a series of juicy job opportunities on their site — such as Director of Product Management, Merchant Account Manager, and Developer Marketing Manager.  Pretty sophisticated roles for a “startup” organization, which is great to see!

At any rate, for anybody whose career fortunes might intersect with the world of scrappy tech startups, especially those located in the Seattle area, this site is definitely one to keep close tabs on.  It’s also a great reminder that at a time when many big businesses are stuck in neutral, or shedding positions, there’s still a healthy crop of folks around who aren’t intimidated by the economy — and who are working their butts off to bring their entrepreneurial visions to life and create the next wave of business infrastructure out there!