If you’re a client of Career Horizons, or have attended any of our job search training classes over the past few years, chances are you’re already well acquainted with the Indeed.com job hunting website.  In fact, you’ve probably had our help in developing an advanced “Boolean keyword search string” for Indeed that combs through the site’s massive pool of job listings on a daily basis and automatically e-mails you any opportunities that match your qualifications and interests.

But what if we’ve missed something in this search algorithm?  What if there are some other listings on the site that might be of interest to you, but which somehow aren’t getting picked up using the search parameters you have in place now?  Well, thanks to a new site we’ve come across called Searchles, there’s an easy way to explore this possibility.  This elegant little site is built upon the assumption that the more closely the words in a given job description match the words on your resume, the more likely the lead in question would be of interest to you.  So when you visit Searchles, all you have to do is paste a copy of your resume into the box provided and enter a target zip code.  At that point, the site will analyze all of your resume keywords and bring up a set of Indeed.com results ranked in order of how closely the language in each advertisement seems to match your resume terminology.  Pretty nifty, eh?

As for how well this keyword-matching technology actually works and how many relevant “new” leads this approach will turn up for any given job hunter who is already using Indeed.com, that’s pretty hard to say at this point.  We’d need to have a solid baseline to work with in terms of knowing the exact leads an individual job hunter has turned up through their own efforts, week after week, in comparison to what the Searchles site uncovers.  Our hope, however, is that some of you will test out this site in the near future and let us know how well you think it performs.  Does it add value to your efforts?  Or simply duplicate a bunch of stuff you’ve already seen?  Off the cuff, it seems likely that some of the hits that come up would be pretty random, since the site is firing blindly and not able (it doesn’t appear) to evaluate your resume keywords in any meaningful context.  But we also can’t rule out the possibility that this type of crude “more keywords = better lead” approach could be pretty powerful, too, and turn up some great leads one might miss otherwise.

So if you have a few minutes,  give this site a whirl.  I think you’ll find it pretty interesting.  For what it’s worth, too, this job search engine is just one small offshoot of the overall Searchles.com website — which is actually more of an Internet shopping destination, at heart — so remember to specifically bookmark the http://jobs.searchles.com web page, going forward, instead of focusing on the main www.searchles.com address.