Although this elegant website has been around for several years, and is incredibly useful to professionals in transition, it’s not one that’s instantly familiar to most job seekers.  We’ve therefore decided to give it a boost of visibility as the featured site in this month’s newsletter.

Essentially, provides a comprehensive directory of executive search firms (aka headhunters or recruiters) around the globe, allowing users to search for specific firms that match their occupation, industry, and geographic parameters.  Job seekers can search for firms in Washington State, for example, that specialize in technology job placements, or can hunt for recruiters on the West Coast that place senior financial personnel within the manufacturing industry.  All in all, there are several powerful search options and the results are presented in a very clean and easy-to-use format that often includes recruiter biographies and links to the websites of the firms in question.

While is just one of many on-line recruiter directories available, it’s clearly the best, and we recommend it as a great place to start when you reach the point of targeting the “Recruiting & Staffing Agency” channel in your job search plan.  For more advice on how to work effectively with recruiters, don’t forget to explore Chapter 17 in our Job Search PhD® workbook!