Could this innovative website be a preview of things to come?  Based on a bid-for-services model, Rent A Coder allows freelance (or moonlighting) software programmers to get connected with people and companies from around the globe who are looking for custom software solutions.

In their own words: “Rent a coder is an international marketplace where people who need custom software developed can find coders in a safe and business-friendly environment.  Buyers can cherry pick from a pool of 109,078 coders…enabling them to hire a coder across the country or across the globe…from the comfort of their computers.  Buyers who wish to hire internationally, can take advantage of favorable overseas exchange rates, resulting in work being done for 50-90% less than if the project were done in-country.  Coders are also given access to a huge pool of potential work and have the ability to work independently from their homes rather than for a company.”

If you are a computer programmer, yourself, you might therefore consider signing up for the Rent A Coder network to pick up some extra income — or even just to “stay sharp” if you happen to be in career transition and between assignments.  And on a societal level, it will be interesting to see if the model behind this site takes hold and expands to other work disciplines, such as graphic design, architectural drafting, or technical writing.  Will all of our services be “up for bid” one day?