Since 1997, the PTDN (Professional & Technical Diversity Network) has been a major force in promoting the hiring of experienced minority candidates throughout Washington State.  As a result of this commitment, the organization has attracted over 100 corporate members and developed a website offering a treasure-trove of useful resources for diversity candidates, especially experienced workers seeking to advance within the professional and technical fields.  Additionally, the PTDN group hosts an ongoing series of diversity-themed career events and job fairs throughout the Puget Sound area.

Beyond these obvious benefits, however, the PTDN website has one other useful feature that could potentially come in quite handy for both diversity and non-diversity candidates alike.  If you navigate to the “Employer Partners” and “Other PTDN Supporters” areas of the site, you’ll find an exhaustive list of local recruiters and human resource professionals affiliated with the PTDN group — including over 150 specific contact names and e-mail addresses you can use to connect with various public and private sector organizations around town.  Given the difficulty of acquiring these types of individual e-mail addresses through any other source, this list can be a goldmine for resourceful job hunters who take the time to cross-reference the company list against their desired career goals and target industries!