Not sure why the FindYourSpot website captivated me so much, exactly, but there was just something about it that I immediately liked — and that I thought might have a useful bearing on the career planning efforts of individuals out there who might be ready to relocate outside of Seattle to a new destination.

Essentially, what this website does is help people identify the specific cities, towns, and communities around the country that fit them best, based on their stated lifestyle preferences.   When you first log on to the site, you’ll take a quiz that asks you all kinds of questions about the kinds of things you like to do, the weather you enjoy best, the amenities you like to have available, your feelings about government and taxes, and so forth.  When finished, the site will cough up a list of the top 24 places that it thinks are right up your alley, providing you with specific details about each metropolitan area including the history, the climate, the demographics, and various figures related to the cost of living.

As it turns out, should I ever decide to pull up the tent stakes, FindYourSpot suggests I wouldn’t need to go far since I’d only be heading a few miles south to my #1 destination, Astoria, Oregon.  If you’ve got a few minutes, however, see where the system thinks YOU would be the happiest residing.  Just make sure to “opt out” of all of the marketing offers that you’ll be hit with when going through the site’s selection process; obviously, FindYourSpot is sponsored by various real estate companies around the country, and they’ve built this nifty little site in the hopes of attracting some new clients!