Now here’s a website that’s not for everyone — or is it?  ColorsNWCareers site has emerged as a very compelling and vibrant local job board, having been specifically designed by its founders, a local diversity training company, to “bring quality professional and managerial candidates of color together with companies looking to select top candidates from a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of the marketplace.”

Considering the less-than-professional standards of most local job websites, the creators of this site have done a beautiful job.  ColorsNWCareers is well-organized, pleasing to the eye, full of fresh content, and contains some great articles and resources related to job hunting.  The resource is supported by a number of leading employers, such as Fred Hutchinson and Microsoft, and the database of opportunities seems very deep and well-balanced.  Upon first glance, too, we even believe the site contains listings not available anywhere else — making it, again, the exception rather than the rule when it comes to the local job board scene, since most such sites are fairly stagnant and of little value.

As for whether ONLY candidates of color are allowed/encouraged to apply to the posted leads, we couldn’t find any definitive statement to this effect one way or another on the site. While clearly the intent is to promote employers who value diversity, and to provide content that might be more relevant to candidates from a minority demographic, we don’t see any reason (especially considering the larger context of the “diversity” theme) why job hunters from all backgrounds can’t and shouldn’t take advantage of this resource.  So if you’re actively job hunting, and haven’t yet stumbled across this site in your search efforts, give it a look — and consider adding it to your list of regular Internet destinations!