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Out of all the niche employment-related websites in cyberspace, my reasons for featuring the Beaker website this month are two-fold.  First, this website looks to be a pretty solid job board for any of you who might work in (or want to work in) the Life Sciences industry.  Containing thousands of jobs in this field from around the country, and backed by a number of major science-related employers, this site should be on the bookmarks list of anybody who specializes in either the academic OR corporate (i.e. sales, marketing, financial…) side of biological research, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and similar areas.

Another reason for featuring this site, however, is that it represents what I feel is the best example of the new breed of employment sites that is likely to start entering the market.  As you’ll note within seconds, upon visiting it, this site isn’t set up merely as a job board.  It is designed to serve as an incredibly rich community portal that connects Life Science folks not only to each other, and to job opportunities, but also to a wealth of books, blogs, industry research, and other pertinent value-added resources.  In other words, the founders of Beaker aren’t simply trying to create a  They are trying instead to produce a site with enough valuable content that professionals in this field will visit it constantly, and use it for a variety of professional advancement purposes, instead of just popping it up every year or two when they find themselves needing to look for work!  This is a pretty big leap from conventional sites…

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if other industries adopt the same model as, since it appears to offer a ton of benefits and to serve a lot of important needs on both the individual and the employer side of the fence.  So if you’re in any way interested in seeing the shape of the future to come, when it comes to professional career collaboration, check out Beaker — even if you’re like me and couldn’t tell a test tube from a test pattern!

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