Not trying to be a “Pollyanna” here folks, but boy, this first week in June is already showing quite a few promising signs in terms of the job marketplace — at least among the statistical sample of folks I’m working with and especially in comparison to the doldrums we’ve been facing these few past months.  Is it the sunny weather?  Is it the stimulus money kicking in?  Is it a subconscious societal decision to let go of some of the anxiety we’ve all collectively been wallowing in?

Quite frankly, I have no idea what the underlying drivers might be for this sudden burst of inspiring events, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  And I certainly won’t go so far as to say that this is going to be stable trend, as opposed to an isolated event.  But boy, it’s refreshing to get into the office and have three separate clients report that they’ve landed what appear to be great jobs.  And to have three other clients call me (bless their hearts!) to report that the positions they landed last month are going even better than expected!  This is more than enough good news in a given week to keep any career coach walking on cloud nine…

And on a related note, when I finally had the time to catch up on some of my on-line news reading the other day, I was struck by how many positive developments I noted in relation to companies here in the local region.  Sure, there are still plenty of articles talking about layoffs and such things, but if you pay close attention, you’ll also find plenty of upbeat, growth-oriented news interspersed throughout the standard slate of “downer” stories.  For example, in just one sweep of the Seattle PI news feed, I noted the following headlines:

Seattle Genetics Pockets $11.5M
Tableau Rolls Out BI (Business Intelligence) Software
$500K for 1000 Markets
TeachStreet Takes in $1.2 Million
Infinia Raises $14.1 Million for Solar Power
Visible Technologies Raises $6M
HealthUnity Raises $2M
Uptake Medical Secures $3M
Oncothyreon Raises $11 Million in Stock Sale
CoAptus Raises $3 Million for Heart Device
Ramgen Power Gets $20 Million
Hydrovolts Wins $50K Zino Green Fund
Xori Gets $2.1 Million from Accelerator
SynapticMash Scores $1.2 Million
Delve Raises $1.65 Million, Revenues Surge
Proteotech Raises $519K
AVI Wins Part of $2.1 Million Contract
Likewise Software Laps Up $10M Series C
Vigilos Raises $1.4 Million from NWVA

The moral(s) of this story, from my vantage point?  First, job hunters and working professionals alike should take aggressive steps to stay positive, as well as see the positive in things.  The silver lining may be obfuscated at times, but it’s out there if you look for it, and your state of mind is going to directly affect your job search outcome.  Secondly, make sure you have a regular reading regimen in place (via newspapers, trade journals, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.) so that you can spot some of these emerging growth and hiring opportunities before your competition does.  And lastly, take note of the fact that you likely haven’t heard of 80% or more of the companies profiled above in my “positive developments” list — and that it’s going to be these emerging small-to-mid-sized companies that save the economic day, when all is said and done.  So if you’re still standing in line at Microsoft, T-Mobile, and the Gates Foundation, it’s time to dig a little deeper and find some relevant companies that are under the radar screen…

P.S. Oh yeah, and the “weather” complaint in my blog heading?  Sorry, having grown up in Alaska, 90 degrees is just WAY too warm for comfort.  Give me “sunny and seventy” any day of the week…