…from having a blast and accomplishing great things, despite your temporary status as a free agent?

…from getting in the best physical shape of your life?

…from picking up a series of books on job hunting from the bookstore, or the library, and committing to becoming smarter about this process than 90+ percent of your competition?

…from starting a blog or doing some other type of serious writing, either personally or professionally?

…from sending out five unsolicited notes to companies of interest, each day, pitching them on a highly relevant solution you can offer them and seeing if you can get a lucky strike?

…from losing 10 pounds (or more) and fitting in those swanky old clothes again?

…from volunteering some time to a homeless shelter or non-profit organization, both to sharpen your skills and help keep your own situation, strengths, and blessings in perspective?

…from examining your budget carefully and seeing if you can cut out a few more discretionary spending items or expensive habits?

…from rounding up some other job hunters and forming an informal support group where you can collaborate and hold each other accountable for reaching your goals?

…from practicing your elevator pitch multiple times, possibly into a tape recorder or video camera, until you can recite it flawlessly?

…from taking some classes or find other ways to acquire some new skills that appear to be in demand by employers in your field?

…from getting back in touch with old friends and acquaintances whom you’ve been too busy these past few years to socialize with?

…from spending more time attending to your spiritual or religious faith?

…from investing at least 30 minutes each day staying up to date to the latest business news and periodicals/blogs in your industry?

…from taking up a new hobby that will challenge you intellectually and take your mind off your employment status for hours at a time?

…from becoming politically active and trying to fix whatever you feel may be wrong with business today…or the government…or the school system…or society at large?

While I’m not naive, and I’m sure that there are some valid and sincere arguments certain people could make as to why some of the above action items might not be feasible at the moment, I’d ask anybody who would rule out all of the above possibilities to spend a few moments contemplating three words: BETWEEN YOUR EARS.

…because that’s the answer to the question “what’s stopping you?” in the vast majority of situations, from what I’ve witnessed.