Thinking about a career change?  Advising your kids on what college major to pursue?  Or just curious about the types of jobs that the experts say will continue to be in steady demand, no matter what the economy might throw at us in coming years?  No matter what the reason, most people might enjoy taking a quick peek at the new “recession-proof” jobs list that has recently been compiled by  You can access the list by clicking here — at which point you’ll discover that the top five most bulletproof job categories are, in order: 1) Sales Representatives; 2) Software Design Professionals; 3) Nursing Professionals; 4) Accounting & Finance Executives; and 5) Accounting Staff.

Agree or disagree with these results, the study’s methodology is clearly outlined on the site, and these kinds of rankings can always be interesting to contemplate since they suggest certain areas of the economy that may be on the rise — or at least less volatile than other sectors.  And from our own standpoint, while we certainly know some sales and accounting professionals who are between assignments, the results still ring true since almost EVERY company in existence needs somebody both to drive top-line sales, as well as calculate bottom-line profitability.