Wondering what pesky issues, challenges, and barriers tend to bother professionals the most these days when they find themselves in the midst of career transition?  While hardly scientific, we’ll share the top results below from a recent survey we conducted that involved giving people a list of over 50 common job search obstacles/impediments — and asking them to rate the ones that they felt were presenting the greatest challenge in their search.  Here are the top results that were reported:

— “I’m still not clear on my career direction or what job titles fit me best”
— “I’ve sent out tons of resumes but they seem to keep falling in a black hole; what am I doing wrong?”
— “I’ve always prided myself on being a generalist or jack-of-all-trades, but is this marketable?”
— “My elevator pitch stinks; I don’t feel confident in introducing myself to other people”
— “I feel like I’m wasting tons of time on the Internet without getting any results; what should I do?”
— “I feel like I’m job searching more or less at random without a game plan; how do I change this?”
— “I’m not sure what sets me apart from other candidates or differentiates me in a meaningful way”
— “I network constantly, but my efforts don’t seem to generate many useful leads and referrals”
— “I’m struggling with motivation; the weeks fly by and I don’t seem to get much accomplished”
— “My tracking efforts need help; I’m struggling to organize all of the information that keeps piling up”

Obviously, some of these challenges are easier to overcome than others, and all of these issues can be successfully addressed through professional career assistance if the individual in question is unable to conquer them on their own.  The most important thing, however, is to realize that you’re certainly not alone if you, yourself, have been wrestling with these issues in your own mind — and that the first key to getting past some of these common obstacles is to clearly identify them!  While a trained career counselor can help you diagnose the exact sticking points that may be hampering your job search, the better you get at self-diagnosing these issues, the more effectively you’ll be able to resolve them!