Time On Your Hands? Invest It In Upgrading Your Skills!

//Time On Your Hands? Invest It In Upgrading Your Skills!

Time On Your Hands? Invest It In Upgrading Your Skills!

Without question, those individuals who are going through a career transition phase will usually find themselves experiencing a shortage of certain assets, such as (surprise, surprise) economic income. One often-overlooked asset they tend to have in spades, however, is TIME — and time, like any asset, can pay tremendous dividends if one invests it wisely!

As the new year approaches, therefore, we’d encourage any of you out there in transition to think seriously about how you can best invest the windfall of time you might have on your hands at the present moment. Should you invest a large chunk of it in the job hunting process? Clearly, this makes sense in most cases. But there are also many other usages of your time that can lead to beneficial results, as well, such as spending some time re-building various networking relationships, focusing on accomplishing a personal goal you’ve procrastinated around, or getting involved with local charities and volunteer organizations in order to gain some perspective and make a difference.

One additional investment you should strongly consider, too, is to seek out some new learning opportunities. Whether this involves signing up for a certification or formal degree program — or simply taking a few ala carte training classes that interest you — is totally up to you. What we know for a fact, however, is that continuing education and professional development usually pay off for a time-rich job seeker in numerous ways. Not only does new education have the potential to add some updated, sought-after skills to one’s resume, but it can also lead to some fresh career avenues and ideas, as well, and serve as a great networking opportunity with students and course instructors.

So if you’ve got some free time on your hands, and are feeling the uneasy sense of restlessness that so many people report in these situations, we’d encourage you to browse through the collection of links below to see if anything interesting catches your eye:

Bellevue Community College Course Catalog
Lake Washington Technical College Continuing Education Catalog
UW Extension Certificate Catalog & Course Catalog
Seattle Community Colleges – Combined Course Catalog
Craigslist Directory of Seattle Classes (lots of get-rich-quick stuff here; buyer beware!)

Now granted, one of the things that we hear frequently from our clients is that they feel much busier now that they’re unemployed than when they were working full time, but that still doesn’t mean that the average person couldn’t squeeze in at least one training class per week if they put their mind to it. So give the idea some consideration, and if the links above can help jump-start you on a few possibilities, and lead you to a useful training opportunity, all the better!

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